Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Alliance Battle? What is your Purpose?
    • The first and best top site based off of the MMORPG, AQWorlds, where users can simply vote their best guild/clan out there. No guilds/clan is official unless they have us, this way instead of saying they are the best, we can simply prove them to be the best. It's like walking the walk or talking the talk, we're here to walk the walk and tell you who is the best guild/clan out there.
  2. You say Guild(s)/Clan(s) a lot, what's the difference between them? Which is better to use?
    • To be honest, they both have the same purposes and objectives in the end. It's just a matter of what sounds better to you, but for us, we decided to go with guilds as AQWorlds plan on releasing a guild system in the future. Here are some defined differences between them:
    • Guilds
      • An association of people of the same trade or pursuits (with a similar skill or craft), formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards of workmanship and ethical conduct.
    • Clans
      • A group of people united by kinship and descent, which is defined by perceived descent from a common ancestor.
  3. I'm a guild/clan leader. How do I sign up?
    • Here's how to do it step-by-step:
      • Click the register link located the left side of the side and fill out the give information.
      • Using the email you gave us, you will recieve a confirmation email wich you will use to activate your acocunt.
      • Login your account and set up your site with the name, url, banner and a brief description.
      You have now oficially registered your guild/clan to our database and now it is up to you to have users vote for your guild/clan and the best!
  4. How should I have people vote for my guild/clan?
    • For a start, you can use the given voting codes that were given to you when you registered, on your site. They will direct your users specifically to your guil/clan to be voted on.
  5. I'm not a clan/guild leader. Can I register my clan/guild anyway?
      That decision is up to who ever runs your guild/clan if you were granted permission to do so. We recommend that the leader of your guild/clan registers to make it less complicated.
  6. I still have some more unanswered questions?
      Head over to our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Later on, when we get more frequent questions, it will be added on to our FAQs page.


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