Alliance Battle Rules and Regulation


  1. The Members will respect and follow the decisions of the Council and Guild Leader at all times. All higher authorities must be obeyed maintain order within the Guild.
    • If you hav an opinion the Council and the Guild Leader will take your opinion into consideration.
  2. Vulgar/ language that is directed to ANY of your fellow Members or the Guild itself is forbidden.
    • If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, report them to the higher authorities.
    • All Members are expected to treat their fellow Guild Members with respect as well as loyalty to the Guild at all times.
    • No harassing, belittling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the Guild s continuity will be allowed.
    • Rash arguments and disagreements will not be tolerated.
    • Impersonating another member or a higher authority (Officer, Guild Leader) is unacceptable and will result in punishment.
  3. Vulgar language is not encouraged while playing although it is understood at certain times.
    • Never in public, it puts a bad image upon our Guild.
    • Avoided amoungst your Guild as much as possible.
    • This includes acronyms that mask bad language as well.
  4. All Members should also have the same civility toward other non
  5. Guild Members, unless of course they are worthy of your contempt.
  6. Stealing, scamming, or hacking someone's account is strictly forbidden and will result in being blacklisted from our Guild.
    • Do not fall for the trap from another member when they say that they want to "help you" level up, gain money, etc. Instead please report them to the higher authorities for them to be delt with.
  7. Cooperation and team work between everyone in the Guild is expected.
  8. Staying on the same server and partying up with fellow Members is always encouraged (Soloing is fine from time to time, but try to give some effort by teaming up with your fellow Members).
  9. Third party advertising or any way that youmake profit off of our Guild/site is strickly forbidden.
  10. This includes selling your account.
    • No begging of any kind. If you need assistance in obtaining an armor, item, or a class of any kind ask your fellow Guild Members. They are there to help you.
    • All Members are required to attend Guild Council Examination Meeting during the first weekend of every month.
      • Here you can questions, comments, voice concerns, and make suggestions.
    • All Officers are expected to plan at least 1 PvP Training every month.
      • It doesnít have to be a huge PvP, just at least 2 full groups minimum.
      • Multiple Officers can organize a PvP. This includes all planning, setting of groups, and coordination thatís involved.
      • They can appoint a Group or take command themselves, either way, the Leader must be followed at all times (It should be someone who knows how to properly lead their group with some battle tactics).
      • Please note that Raids/Events can be suggested by any in good standing in the Guild. Contact your Officer.
    • Asking to be an Officer will not only be looked down upon, but will loseyour chance of becomming one.
      • There will be a time where applications to be an Officer are open to everyone.
    • Attempts to hack our site in anyway will not be tolerated.

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