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AQWGuilds is an MMORPG guild toplist featuring guilds based off the game AQWorlds. Vote for your favorite guild or register yours and see if you can achieve being the #1 guild in AQWorlds!

Ryuu The Sly

November 30, 2010

Join the AQWG Team
Looking for coders, designers, helpers, and more!

Alright, it's been awhile since I have updated everyone on what has been going on the past couple of weeks. After seeing successful participation from the outstanding guilds/clans as well as the positive feedback and suggestions to improve AQWGuilds, it has come to the point where I can't manage everything that is going on. There were already members willing to dedicate their time to help improve this site, I replied back to them letting them know that I wasn't hiring yet. I needed to see how the site function for a week or two and determine where to go from there.

As of now I will be needing staff members for the following positions:

  1. Forum Moderators
    • Manage the activities within the AQWGuilds Forum. Important since this will be the main source of communicating on AQWGuilds.
  2. Chat Moderators
    • Managing the public Shoutbox on the homepage. This is where outside visitors can have a quick access chat with other fellow visitors and member.
  3. Web Designers
    • Giving the "look and feel" to the site. For example, changing the website's theme depending on the seasons or use pictures AQWorlds and Photoshiping it.
  4. Coders
    • Only for those who are very skilled in website coding such as PHP and HTML. They will be the ones who will fix any errors on the site, update scripts, or create new functions.
You can sign up on the official AQWGuilds Forum. If you are interested, be sure to sign up and apply in the Staff application Thread, until then keep on voting!

Ryuu The Sly

November 7, 2010

AQWGuilds is Public!

After managing to fix the main bugs on the voting system and having test runs, It's safe to say AQWGuilds is good to go. I would like to thank the few selected clans/guilds that helped me test out the voting system along with their feedback.

Here's how to vote in two easy steps:

  1. Visit the Top AQWGuilds voting page by clicking the "Vote NOW!" button that you see above.
  2. Vote for the guild that you want by simply clicking the icon.
And you're done! It's simple as that! If you want to know more about the guild that you are voting then click the banner or the icon to visit the site directly. Down the road I will add a tutorial on how the voting system works and how you can get more votes towards your site. For now, sign up your guild and get as many votes to become the #1 Guild in AQWorlds!

Ryuu The Sly

July 17, 2010

New Voting System!
Get Ready To Vote!

The new AQWG Voting System is on its way. It's not 100% completed yet, but so far it is functional. All that is left to do is to make sure there are no errors and finish up designing it. Your probably wondering what this whole voting system is about. Well, This will give players of AQWorlds a better look of what available guilds/clans are out looking for members.

It's simple, the leader of the guild registers themselves in the database. Then, after being approved, it's up to the guild itself to get their members and other players to vote their guild to be #1. The more votes, the higher your rank is. This not only shows how well your guild is, but lets players of AQWorlds see the one of many guilds that exist on the internet.

Hopefully this gives you a better understand. And if your a leader of your guild or part of one, let everyone know so they can sign up!

Ryuu The Sly

April 17, 2010

A Guild is Born...
Welcome to our site!

AQWGuilds is a new site that is in development. We are currently in our BETA (β) Stage, so please bear with us as we improve our site. If you need to get in touch with us, use the Contact Us page and we will reply back to you as soon as we can.

Currently this is the list of tasks that I'm currently working on in order to improve the site.

  • Web Template - Complete
  • Guild Forum - Complete
  • Voting System - Complete
  • Registered Guilds - Complete
  • All Pages - In Progress
  • More will be added later


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