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1 Guardians  of Doom
The largest and most powerful in AQWorlds...

Guardians of Doom -

Votes: 1911
Clicks: 3250
2 Syndicate
This Clan has a fun-loving community with crazy staff-members and cheerful members, Syndicate is the Clan you are looking for....

Syndicate -

Votes: 1806
Clicks: 3068
3 The AQW King Knights
We aren't just AQW players, we're the AQW King Knights! We are a group of friendly members who help each other with everything! We hang out and chat and do much more! Our clan is really profes...

The AQW King Knights -

Votes: 1726
Clicks: 2932
4 Knights of Falconreach
The top Good clan of AQWorlds...

Knights of Falconreach -

Votes: 1511
Clicks: 2566
5 Undead Champions
We Are Undead Champions From The Legend Of Dage We Will Be The Best Clan On AQWorlds And We Will Survive...

Undead Champions -

Votes: 1485
Clicks: 2525
6 Dark Society
We are the Dark Society. Victoy for the Undead!! Victory for the Chaos!! Defeat the Good!!...

Dark Society -

Votes: 1274
Clicks: 2163
7 Gathering of Lightbringers
We are an AQW clan that spans across all AE games. 6+ Years of Clan History awaits you!...

Gathering of Lightbringers -

Votes: 1129
Clicks: 1918
8 Avatars of Lore
The Avatars of Lore are guardians of Lore's Balance. They bring equality and peace to the nine elements, good, evil and chaos to create an ultimate unity and alliance between the forces within Lor...

Avatars of Lore -

Votes: 588
Clicks: 997
9 E1T1 Site
We are action, we are posion, we are icons, we are chosen. We are the clan known as Each One Teach One....

E1T1 Site -

Votes: 404
Clicks: 684
10 Illusion
PvP based clan, devoted to growing strong and restoring order...

Illusion -

Votes: 50
Clicks: 82
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