What Is Universal Criminal?

Welcome to Universal Criminal, where just about anything is possible! In this game you'll start out as a mere civilian in search of a job and a place to live. Universal Criminal promotes work ethic with it's many job professions in this game of non-stop action and adventure!, You can choose 1 of 3 races to become for many additions to the game including Race Specific Planets, exploring space in search for riches, scuba diving and fight arenas among other things, As you advance in Universal Criminal you'll find yourself able to purchase several different houses, weapons, and possibly even marry! You must become a mastermind criminal in order to gain credits or to gain an edge on your enemies. You will learn to attack other players, gain levels, mine for moondust, and become apart of the elite in this constant power struggle! Universal Criminal allows you declare war with others, perhaps you could even ask your friends and create a federation of your own!
Stop in and explore what time and space truly has to offer!

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